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Permaculture Design Consultancy

Permaculture is a design science whose focus is on helping you make the best decisions on your site so that you can work with both your goals and the ecology of the land. When you get a piece of land, the biggest challenge is in designing the site so that all the pieces work together as efficiently as possible. If you have a piece of land that is already designed but wish to transition to a more sustainable system it is never too late! If you’re looking for a well-designed homestead then a consultation with a permaculture designer will save you a lot of time and trial-errors: it is a long term investment to utilize the resources of your land to their full potential.

1. Permaculture designers can read the landscape:

Permaculture designers are trained to read the landscape and assess a property for its full, productive potential. They notice opportunities to catch and store resources on the land, such as rainwater flows or fertility. In addition, they can group components together to maximize their efficiency.

2. Permaculture designers can facilitate your vision:

Permaculture designers can help craft your vision into something that is productive, rewarding, beautiful and feasible.

3. Permaculture designer can work with all challenging sites:

A permaculture designer can help improve the stability and ecology of challenging conditions such as steep hills, drainage and erosion issues, poor fertility, or damaged wildlife corridors. Using nature as the instruction book, a trained designer can help you balance a productive landscape with ecological repair.

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